Peter Oliver Wonder POW! The Zombie Days


The Zombie Days


This is the story of two lovable assholes in the world of zombies. It starts off with the two of them at their home in the hills of California where they end up meeting a girl who is in dire need of their help. Her mother has gone in search of her missing husband down the hill at the local refugee camp. The missing man turns out to be a doctor that is working on a mind control device that could stop the zombies from eating people. 



"With action, and humor this is a non-stop romp through the zombie apocalypse that will become essential reading in the genre. Don't miss Peter Oliver Wonder's first zombie novel. Highly."

~Timothy W. Long, Author of the Z-RISEN series



"Zombie Days is f*cking great!"

~Paul Mannering. Author of the Tankbread series



"Great first person read, I could easily put myself in the character's shoes. Never a dull moment and I could play every page like a movie scene. Great job!"

~TJ Weeks


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.